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Wisconsin: Lake Mendota, Madison

October 12, 2013

Wisconsin means cheese, the Packers, and my brother Tedward.

As a kid, I went up to Minocqua with some cousins (by car), getting my first experience of a beautiful state that's a bit more pleasant in the summer months.

My brother met, fell in love with, and married a cheesehead/ Sconnie, and moved to Milwaukee and then Madison.

I've spent time in both cities with him, and am partial to the latter. On a perfect fall evening in 2013, he and I and our friend Pat went to the middle of Madison, got some beers and cups, rented a sailboat, and took on Lake Mendota. We handled it well; the beers mostly drained into the water.

Someday, I'll get to my brother's famous MLK Day ice fishing weekend, held in Wisconsin.