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Washington (state)

Washington: Twin Harbors State Park (link)

August 27, 2012

I never understood why we chose to name two state-like entities in the U.S. after the same person. Granted, our first president was a man of consequence whose early leadership did more to put our country on its path to greatness than almost anyone else. I'd just have chosen another name for the state. Maybe Georgia? Oh wait.

Washington was the last state on the bro trip in 2012. We went to a windy beach and slept under a rainy sky at a state park on the coast of the state. And we made a short detour through Seattle for views of the Space Needle, Pike Place Fish Market, and other spots.

I returned to Washington with my fiancee for a January 2015 weekend in Seattle. it was one of my first AirBnB experiences (a good one). We went to the top of the Space Needle (where we saw a guy lose hundreds of dollars to the wind), took a ferry to play Scrabble at a cozy bar on a rainy night on Bainbridge Island, and got coffee on Capitol Hill.