Flag vest diplomacy


Utah: Mormon HQ, Salt Lake City

March 19, 2015

I grew up, and remain, Catholic. Faith for my family wasn't just another aspect of our lives; it was central to how we saw the world and how we were expected to interact with it. We had eight kids in our family, and all of us have gone to Catholic school through high school. (Four of my six college-aged siblings have gone to Catholic universities too, all four of the schools Jesuit.)

Visiting Salt Lake City, and Utah in general, one can sense the impact of the Mormon Church (that most American of religions) on its many adherents in the state. I've been to Utah at least five times since starting the vestventures: first with my brothers on the road trip, twice with my old b-school roommates for reunions (a half-marathon near Moab and hiking in Zion); a fourth on a ski trip to Park City; last for the ASU GSV education conference in Salt Lake City.

While there the last time, I picked up a copy of the Book of Mormon at a neat little bookstore on the main drag, and hope at some point soon to read it to better understand what the millions of Mormons in Utah and beyond hold dear.