Flag vest diplomacy


Texas: Big Bend National Park

August 28, 2012

Everything is bigger (and, I've found, drier) in Texas, including grand views.

It was a planned trip to Texas that started the whole vest thing. Credit goes to my HBS section mate whose husband was working in Midland, and who organized a trip in August 2012 to Midland-Odessa.

We went to Marfa for the art scene and dinner, drank cheap American beer, and slept in our friends' trailer. Why not?

I went back to Midland-Odessa that fall with some business school classmates as part of a school advisory project with the superintendent of the schools there. In addition to visits to a school, we took in a football game in his box - a special treat for someone who'd been making my way through the Friday Night Lights show based on football played in view of that same box.

Second photo: Dallas, TX, at the BCG office, July 18, 2018