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Tennessee: Nashville

June 25, 2013

One of my closest friends from St Louis went to school at Rhodes College in Memphis. I have very fond memories of visiting him and my cousin (who was his roommate at the time) there. He's lived most of his life on city's on the Mighty Mississippi: St Louis, Minneapolis, and Memphis. He'll have to add New Orleans to his list.

My photo in Tennessee is in Nashville, a center for live music. I wandered into a few different bars while visiting on a road trip, and stayed in a hostel downtown. It is remarkable to think of how much musical talent we have throughout the United States, and how they're drawn to Nashville and other cities like Austin.

Think of all the places like Nashville, that draw talents of all sorts to hubs: the Bay Area for tech jobs, Boston for health care workers, New York for financiers, Houston for oil and gas: the list could go on and on.