Flag vest diplomacy

South Carolina

South Carolina: Clemson University

February 12, 2017

The vest would have been a big hit in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, during college. Duke students used to head south and east after finishing exams each year for some fraction of a week in beach houses along the beach in Myrtle. Most people (myself included) could only handle so much beer pong and hot sun before being ready to head home or somewhere else for the summer.

Having not had the vest during college, however, I had to find a way back. I was in Atlanta for work in 2017, and went early in order to drive to Clemson to visit the university there.

Clemson had just won the national football title, so students were in high spirits. I walked around campus a bit, and went to the main drag of the college town for a beer at a dive-bar. College towns aren't a uniquely American phenomenon, but we Americans certainly have a lot of good ones to visit.