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Oklahoma: Tulsa

September 27, 2014

I've always associated Oklahoma with American Indians, especially after taking a course on American Indian history in college. I wish the history were happier overall for the country's sake. Looking at maps today, it's remarkable to see both the number of reservations and the number of tribes.

There was quite a bit of American Indian wares on sale at the massive Tulsa State Fair that I went to with a bunch of my business school friends on the day of our friends' wedding nearby. I had run the Susan B. Koman 5K that morning, which was much-needed (and probably insufficient) exercise before going to the fair, where we ingested various sugars and salts, mostly fried.

We also saw animals of every sort, many of them in competition with each other. A friend of mine in San Francisco who recently joined BCG told me that he's made a pastime out of going to state fairs across America. It's a way to better understand rural America. It's certainly, I found, a great way to spend an afternoon.