Flag vest diplomacy


Ohio: City Club, Cleveland

June 21, 2013

A critical observer might wonder what is so special about a random CVS in Cleveland to merit inclusion alongside Yellowstone National Park, the American Capitol, and the Continental Divide in the #americaletmeseeyou lineup.

It's a reasonable complaint. There are lots of options in Cleveland. I was stopped in Cleveland on a road trip. I wandered by Progressive Field and the crowds (it was a home game night), and down too towards the lakefront.

It was the City Club's history and association with freedom of speech that sealed the deal. Known as "America's Citadel of Free Speech," the club inside its eponymous building has hosted debates and served as a non-partisan forum for ideas for more than a hundred years. (See the Wikipedia link.)

The place reminds me of San Francisco's Commonwealth Club, another non-partisan political forum. Our country needs more of these places, and more Americans filling them up-with their ideas, their wallets, and their butts.