Flag vest diplomacy
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North Dakota

North Dakota: Fargo

July 3, 2017

North Dakota has embraced the fact that it's among the least-visited states, and as a result, often the last of the states that people visit on the quest to visit all fifty. I'm one of those people who found it last among the fifty, although partly by design!

I'd read an article in The Wall Street Journal about how North Dakota was known for such. I had a number of states left, with the goal of finishing by August 20 so that I could say I did all fifty within a five-year span. I convinced my brothers to do my bachelor party in the American north, with a key stopover in North Dakota. We all converged-from San Francisco, Madison, St Louis, and Brooklyn-on Minneapolis, rented an RV, and drove north through lake country in Minnesota and onto Fargo, ND.

My brother Alex had printed out all of the previous photos and taped them up in the RV, and my brothers were wearing the same American flag vest I have when I got into the RV from the airport. Special.

When we got to the Fargo Moorhead Visitors' Center, it turned out that they didn't require any proof that this was my last state! (So we burned the papers ceremoniously that night in the Sheyenne National Grasslands.)

My fiancee, soon to be wife, is certainly happy to have this little adventure phase of my life complete.

Now, how many countries are there in the world? :)