Flag vest diplomacy

North Carolina

North Carolina: Duke University, West Campus, Durham

October 18, 2016

I went to college in North Carolina, at Duke University, so have many a great memory in the state. Duke exposed me to a whole variety of new worlds that a guy who went to an all-boys Catholic school for six years knew. I hadn't been in class with women since sixth grade!

Duke's well known for its beautiful campus, its animated student body, and its high-performing men's basketball team. I was lucky to be a manager for the women's team all four years I was at Duke. I travelled with the team, and supported for practices and home games. Managers like me played a lot of roles: towel boy, ball boy, stats boy, videography, laundry boy. The best part of the job, beyond the perks of free merch and travel to cool places like the Bahamas and Mexico, was the people: the other managers and the players.