Flag vest diplomacy

New Jersey

New Jersey: Princeton University

September 12, 2015

East coast's fly-over state? (Maybe drive-through is more apt?) New Jersey has it tough. You can be from New York City and be from New Jersey, or from Philadelphia and New Jersey. It's the Garden State but seems mostly to be made of concrete.

I've been to New Jersey a number of times. In high school, I dreamed of going to Princeton. I failed on that account, but redemption came more than a decade later in the form of a flag picture on campus on a tour of the town before a business school friend's wedding in Princeton.

New Jersey is one of those states that Midwesterners like me don't really understand growing up. Like, there are no cities in New Jersey, so why do so many people live there? It wasn't until I went to Duke (which rivals often call the University of New Jersey) that I fully understood. And it wasn't until I was at Duke that I got the chance to go to Atlantic City and the shore. (Pre-vest days, of course.)