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Nevada: Las Vegas, Caesar's

April 1, 2017

Nevada is the home of Las Vegas, which should not be a real place. But it is a real place, and while I don't like spending much time or money there, I respect the city for its unapologetic Americanism. It's an oasis in the desert; it's a secular shrine to the power of individual choice, of what it means to have both rights to do what you want with your life, and what it means for there to be consequences of those choices (both good and bad, in Vegas).

I've been to Vegas a couple of times, including a recent trip for a very good friend's bachelor party. We stayed at Caesar's Palace, drank at Omnia, and watched the NCAA Final Four in the sports book.

One evening, I escaped for an hour or so from the rest of the group and wandered down the strip and back. Where else in the world do you get that collection and diversity of human specimen, ambition, and plans?