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Missouri: St Louis (at home!)


Don't call it Missery. Feel free to call it Missourah.

Missouri today is the "mean center" of the U.S. population (wikipedia link). It's been that way since the 1980 census, and is likely to stay that way awhile longer.

It's home for my family and me, and has been for a long time. At least through one lineage, my siblings and I are seventh generation St Louisans and Missourians.

My great-great-great-great grandpa, Francois Marie Guyol de Guiran, who came to St Louis in 1810, was apparently the first resident artist of Missouri. (Family history credit due to my uncle.)

St Louis remains special to me. Those who knew me in college had to hear all about St Louis history, famous sons and daughters, and sports prowess.

Given how much of my immediate and extended family remain in St Louis, I have secret hopes to sneak back to the Lou at some point with my own family in tow. (Don't tell Lauren.)