Flag vest diplomacy


Minnesota: Headwaters of the Mississippi, Lake Itaska State Park

July 2, 2017 and August 20, 2012

Minnesota serves as bookends to the #americaletmeseeyou adventure. It was in Minnesota that we got a photo in front of a SuperAmerica gas station. It was their name, in a way, that prompted the whole thing.

And it was in Minnesota that I got another photo in Minnesota, right before getting the North Dakota shots in Fargo. In Minnesota, my brothers and I visited and stayed in a number of forests and campgrounds in the RV on my bachelor party. We visited the Sand Dunes State Forest (where we went on a good hike but attracted a ton of ticks), Hungry Man Lake Campground, Lake Itasca, and Buffalo River State Park, before moving into ND.

At Lake Itasca, so the science has been agreed (with a healthy dose of debate and controversy), starts the Mighty Mississippi. We waded downriver from the start, ending at the Mary Gibbs visitor center for some ice cream.

I spent the fourth with close friends from my days teaching. In fact, I'd first hung out with my Minnesota friend ten years before, to the day, in Philadelphia. Unlike in Philly though, where bad weather nixed our plans, we executed a flawless fireworks plan at St Louis Park.