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Michigan: Michigan Stadium, or "The Big House" (Wikipedia link)

October 19, 2013

It would be a stretch (not to mention obnoxious) to say that I "used to summer in Michigan." It would not be untruthful to say that lots of St Louisans make their way to Saugatuck, Douglas, and other towns along Lake Michigan's southeastern shore.

I'm pretty sure it was in Saugatuck that I went on my first ferry outside of Missouri (I've since become a huge fans of ferry rides worldwide). The town there is great, especially if you like ice cream on warm summer evenings.

Our senior student council retreated to Saugatuck in high school, possibly unchaperoned.

The photo here was taken at The Big House during a Michigan football game. It was a high-scoring affair, and in the end a win for the home team over Indiana. (I think Michigan ended up scoring right after the photo was taken, in fact.)