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Massachusetts: Harvard Bridge, Boston

August 17, 2016

Boston is tough to beat. As a college town, it knows no American peer: Harvard, MIT, BC, BU, Northeastern, Emerson, Berklee, Babson, Brandeis, Tufts. As a sports town, I hate to admit that it's been tough to beat. Boston teams have crushed myhigh hopes three times in my adult life: in the 2001 Pats-Rams Super Bowl (which started Tom Brady's epic run) and in the 2004 and 2013 Red Sox-Cardinals World Series (which ended a lengthy drought and then completed a mini-dynasty, respectively).

I lived in Boston for three years, from 2010 to 2013, first in Somerville, and then on campus at Harvard Business School.

If you ever find yourself in Boston, set aside time for walks and runs around the city's crooked streets. There's American history on many a corner.

A shout-out to Dickie, for first helping me understand why Boston is such a great city.