Flag vest diplomacy


Maine: L.L. Bean Flagship Store, Freeport, ME (link)

May 13, 2013

American brands are global brands. Coca Cola. McDonald's. Nike. Apple. Google. Facebook.

While many of the world's strongest brands have indelible ties to America, there are a number of less-known American brands with similarly strong ties to individual American states. Ben and Jerry's? Vermont. Gatorade? Florida. Patagonia? California. And L.L. Bean? Why, Maine, of course.

I visited the headquarters of that symbol of quality and craftsmanship (and rubber shoes) while living in Boston. While I love the clothes for their durability, I also love the brand's lifetime warranty. I had a backpack from middle school with a broken shoulder strap that I brought back after college for a replacement. Well-done, L.L. Bean.