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Louisiana: New Orleans, Saint Patrick's Day

March 12, 2016

New Orleans is the place in America that feels most unlike America to me. And not in a bad way, either. More in a, this place is different from every other place in America, way.

My first time to New Orleans was during college on a road trip with a good college buddy and his sister. We drove from St Louis, through Memphis, to New Orleans, and then west, through Texas, onto Los Angeles, and up the coast to the Bay Area.

I was back twice in 2016: once for a bachelor party for a cousin, and another time for a wedding, also for a cousin. The bachelor party happened to time well with St Patrick's day celebrations. My cousin and I looked out on the packed street, noting the revelers and floats. Our favorite reveler was a local politician who was drinking straight out of a handle of what could only have been whiskey.