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Indiana: Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the Indy 500 (link)

May 26, 2013

If you're from St Louis, "hoosier" means something very different than what Indiana residents take it to mean.

An hoosier in Indiana is either a person who plays sports at the University of Indiana, or just someone who is from Indiana.

A hoosier in St Louis is someone who lacks a certain sensibility or gravitas expected of members of polite society. You don't want to be called a hoosier.

Definitions aside, there are lots of hoosiers in Indiana. And there were a LOT of hoosiers at the Indianapolis 500 when I attended it in 2013. I found that I fit right in.

Things that surprised me about the race: how loud it was (exceedingly); how many people were there (there are seats for 250,000 and room for something like another 100,000 in the infield, a Google search tells me); and how little I knew what was going on (I had no idea at any point during the race who was winning, how close the second person was, etc.)

Thing that did not surprise me: a lot of cheap American beer is consumed in and around the stadium on race day.