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Idaho: Craters of the Moon. (Second photo is in Boise.)

August 23, 2012, March 11, 2018

Idaho is the potato state. It's also home to Boise, where I'd love to live someday for its outdoor life, small-town feel, and good job market, as well as Sun Valley, an outdoorsman's paradise I still haven't had the privilege of visiting.

On the bro road trip in 2012, we stopped at Craters of the Moon National Park. It really was like we were on the moon. The biggest difference (besides the whole lack of oxygen thing) was the heat! It was very hot: the kind of heat that wind doesn't cool down. It is not getting-stranded-without-water-in-the-summer country.

My second trip to Idaho was with my wife Lauren in March 2018, to go skiing in Sun Valley and then to check out Boise.